Real Asset Tokenizer

Let your investors apply to your offering, purchase shares, and trade with your other limited partners right from their phone. Built for Reg-D offerings.

Link your syndication.

You can tokenize all or just part of a traditional offering.

You don't have to tokenize your whole offering. Cooperativ makes it easy to tokenize as many shares as you need, while still running a traditional syndication.

Approve investors.

Your investors can use our customizable application form.

Most jurisdictions require you to vet potential investors before letting them purchase securities. Our built-in forms let you collect the information necessary to confirm that applicants are eligible to invest.

Sell shares.

You create a sale and your investors can instantly purchase shares.

You shouldn't have to nag your investors to wire funds, and your investors should be able to invest in seconds. With Cooperativ, you can create a sale and your investors can instantly purchase shares.

Issue distributions.

Funds are automatically distributed to shareholders pro-rata.

No need to collect or update payment information. Just send the funds you want to distribute to the smart contract, and it will automatically conduct distributions.

Let your investors trade.

Your investors can sell shares to others on your whitelist.

Our trading interface offers an easy, compliant way to offload shares, but only with your approval.
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