Share ownership of a project, across borders, without lawyers, in 30 minutes.


Promise future payment.

The people who help you out should share in your success. Contributor Credits let you promise a fixed amount of money to these contributors.

Share revenue.

Create tokens that give each member rights to a share of your revenue. Need to include a new partner? Just issue more tokens.

Keep relationships clear.

Onboard a contributor by sending an invite pre-designed with simple legal terms. Just select one or two of the compensation methods and click send.

How It Works

1. Set up a Project.

Describe your vision and your progress. Show potential co-founders and contributors why they should join your project.

2. Configure compensation

A hybrid of simple contracts and blockchain-based financial tools let you securely promise dollars or euros to your contributors when and if your project succeeds.

3. Send Invitations

Cooperativ invitations make clear the terms of your relationships, so you can start working together with a shared understanding and full transparency.