Cooperativ (Sunshine Labs)


Blockchain Engineer

Sunshine labs is building infrastructure to make it much easier for people to do business, while limiting the need for traditional contracts. Our goal is to build tools that work for everyone on top of blockchain infrastructure. We are taking two approaches to this:

Pure trustless

We want it to be possible for anyone anywhere to quickly share a business with anyone else, without worrying about incorporation, contract enforcement, bank accounts, or signing up for credit-card processing. For businesses with very simple structures and just a handful of collaborators, we plan to do this by offering smart contracts with appropriate incentives for all parties involved. Importantly, these contracts will mimic common business arrangements, so that they are easy to use and understand. We, or one of our partners, will collect revenue on behalf of these businesses and pass that revenue directly to the smart contracts. In this way, we can ensure that all money is distributed exactly as the contributors expect, all without relying on fiat contracts or courts to enforce their rights.

Not only will this make it easier for people to get businesses up and running quickly, but it will also make business accessible to "unbanked" populations and people in countries with poor contract enforcement.


We think that using traditional legal contracts to create an enforceable space for smart contracts will make blockchain tools more accessible and more useful to a wide range of businesses. To start, we are building a range of contributor recruitment and financial tools to early-stage traditional businesses looking to share both risk and reward with the people who help them get off the ground. Our first tool is Contributor Credits, which let the issuer promise a portion of future income without offering equity. We anchor this tool in a traditional legal contract that fiat courts must enforce, then use blockchain to make the distribution and payment process dramatically simpler.

Current Work

Blockchain Engineer
layer-2 solutions
smart contracts

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