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Making it possible to set up a business, across borders, without awkward equity conversations, in 15 minutes. Builders of Cooperativ.

What we need

Software Engineering
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Project Description

You want to start a business - lets say its an indy game-dev company - with someone you met on Reddit. You don't want to waste time setting up a legal entity, and even if you did, this co-founder's country doesn't enforce contracts.

Here is what you do:

  1. Create a project on and invite your new co-founder to join.
  2. Establish one of our blockchain-based "Microbusinesses" and allocate revenue share.
  3. Use the project profile to recruit more contributors from existing networks like Reddit, Indiehackers, or that cool game-dev Discord you joined a few months ago.
  4. Pay these contributors our "Contributor Credits" for their hard work. This gives them them a stake in the success of the project without complicating your future cap table or giving them open-ended revenue-share

No borders, no contracts, no lawyers, no relying on trust, complete transparency. All set up in about twenty minutes.

That's what Sunshine Labs is building.

Current Investment

We are currently bootstrapping, with all investment coming from personal funds. The goal is to focus on recruiting early customers to demonstrate that we have traction, and only then to seek investment.

Our Backers

Law Firm

Troutman Pepper SEED program

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Jacob Chase-Lubitz


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52+ Hours Per Week
15k USD + of Personal Investment
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