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Making it possible to set up a business, across borders, without awkward equity conversations, in 30 minutes. Builders of Cooperativ.

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Project Description

You and your friend have an idea for a video game. You are a creative writer and she is an engineer. The two of you can build most of it, but you will need an illustrator and a sound engineer. You hope the project will earn some money on one of the myriad gaming marketplaces.

But whose bank account receives the money? Who controls it? Who owns the intellectual property and has the right to sell it on another platform? How do you compensate contributors who only help with parts of the project? These are questions that are difficult to answer without registering a company, applying for a business bank account, and negotiating contracts.

Here is what you do:

  1. Create an account on our platform with a simple profile describing your project, and connect it to the game marketplace.
  2. Through the interface, you configure revenue share terms for you and your friend.
  3. You create another class of tokens to give the illustrator and sound engineer rights to the first Euros that you earn.
  4. With a few more clicks, you invite your friend as a co-creator, and invite the illustrator and sound engineer as contributors. The invitations are designed to clearly describe the relationship and clarify intellectual property ownership based on permissions you set for each member.
  5. Your team starts building.
  6. Everyone gets paid according to your configuration.

No borders, no contracts, no lawyers, no relying on trust, complete transparency. All set up in about thirty minutes.

That's what Sunshine Labs is building.

Current Investment

We are currently bootstrapping, with all investment coming from personal funds. The goal is to focus on recruiting early customers to demonstrate that we have traction, and only then to seek investment.

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