Webapp Developer

Sunshine labs is building infrastructure to make it much easier for people to do business, while limiting the need for traditional contracts. We need help improving and expanding our platform.

What we need

Cooperativ is currently a functioning Alpha, but it’s difficult to use and the code could most likely be improved. We need someone who can take responsibility for planning and developing improvements and new features along side Sunshine Labs’ creator and perhaps one or two other part-time developers.

The first order of business is a handful of small features that will make Cooperativ easier to use.

Major new feature

Cooperativ lets users create projects, then invite other collaborators to this projects using invitations that contain basic legal agreements. Currently, project creators can find and add existing users to projects, but there is no invitation/agreement process at all. We need help building a process by which the creator configures terms and compensation, then sends to the contributor a link where he or she can review and sign the agreement. Doing so should automatically add the contributor to the project, and the agreement should be available for both parties to see in their accounts.

Webapp Developer

How we are paying contributors: