Community Builder

We expect the main growth channel for our products to be existing communities, particularly those focused on entrepreneurship and artistic creation (particularly game development). We need someone to identify these communities, understand their needs, and introduce Cooperativ.

Community Discovery

Find communities and understand how their members form collaborations. Primary targets include Reddit, Discord channels, Slack channels, and co-working spaces.

Onboarding & Profile Creation

We "do things that don't scale." Part of this is working closely with each Cooperativ project to help them make the most compelling profiles. Doing this manually at first will help us more deeply understand what makes a profile effective. We can take those learnings and build them into a more automated process.

We therefore want someone who will take over some of the responsibility for getting profiles set up and helping Cooperativs promote them. It would be great to work with someone who will come up with creative ideas for improving the design of the profiles.

Corporate Partnerships

Many large companies have innovation departments and "intrepreneurship" programs. It's also common for them to create startups internally as a way to create new markets for their main offering. We companies could use Cooperativ projects and Contributor Credits to reduce the risk of creating these internal startups and to give employees and external contributors a greater share of the success.

This not only provides Sunshine with high-value customers, but it also creates a richer offering of Cooperativs. Contributors could potentially earn a living wage or "stipend" from such projects and then earn multiples of their normal income if and when those projects are successful.

If our assumptions are correct, this could form a new type of lower-risk entrepreneurship, that could help increase the participation of people who can't afford the risk of traditional entrepreneurship.

Community Builder

How we are paying contributors: