Blockchain Engineer

Cooperativ Labs is building infrastructure to make it much easier for people to start, finance, and govern businesses by taking common legal and administrative procedures and turning them into programs. Our goal is to build tools that work for everyone on top of blockchain infrastructure.

We plan to deploy this technology not only for own platform, but as an offering that will let other companies build markets into their products.

Taking a hybrid approach

Using traditional legal contracts to create an enforceable space for smart contracts will make blockchain tools more accessible and more useful to a wide range of businesses. Our first tool, Contributor Credits, offers a simple example of how this hybrid approach works in practice. Contributor Credits let the issuer promise a portion of future income without offering equity. We anchor this tool in a traditional legal contract that fiat courts must enforce, then use blockchain to make the distribution and payment process dramatically simpler.

Some of our projects include

  • integrating an investor vetting process with a private crypto exchange for real estate assets. This will let our real estate partner dramatically expand the number of investors and syndicators it can server, while operating within the current regulatory regime.
  • exploring how corporations can use Contributor Credits to give employees significant financial stake in internal startups and other projects.
  • developing a token facilitates revenue sharing, allowing a wider range of companies to offer meaningful “tokenomics”.

We need help

  • building smart contracts that, combined with our interface, allow the user to create a private (permissioned) exchange.
  • developing tokens that can represent “real world assets” in a compliant manner.
  • creating NFTs that represent ownership and control of real legal business entities.
  • combining custom smart contracts with existing tooling to efficiently direct payment flows.
  • experimenting with ways of making wallets accessible to users via a standard Web2 interface.


  • Our current contracts are in Solidity, but we’d like to experiment with Reach.
  • We currently only support EVM chains, but we are investigating Algorand for a number of use-cases.

Current Work

Blockchain Engineer
layer-2 solutions
smart contracts

How we are paying contributors: