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Business formation for the Ownership Economy: Removing all the legal and administrative friction from starting, governing, and financing a business.

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Project Description

You and your friend have an idea for a video game. You are a creative writer and she is an engineer. The two of you can build most of it, but you will need an illustrator and a sound engineer. You hope the project will earn some money on one of the myriad gaming marketplaces.

But there is a problem. Sharing ownership and control of this project is difficult to do without registering a company, applying for a business bank account, and negotiating contracts.

We built Cooperativ to fix this. It’s a platform that combines blockchain technology with simple, enforceable legal contracts to help creators and entrepreneurs set up and share a business or project, without lawyers or incorporation, in about 30 minutes.

  1. Create a project on our platform.
  2. Configure revenue share tokens for you and your co-creators, then create a class of Contributor Credits to promise your contributors future payment.
  3. Invite your collaborators. The invitations are designed to clearly describe the relationship and intellectual property ownership based on permissions you set for each member.

Why is this a big deal?

The average person starts a business to sell things, not to experiment with decentralized governance.

From the perspective of our early customers, Cooperativ is a solution to an immediate problem: How to share ownership of a business and trade “real world assets” efficiently and transparently. Strategically, however, it’s a way to get traditional (non-crypto) businesses to tokenize obligations, revenue streams, and assets, setting our company up to become the bridge between the crypto world and the mainstream economy.

If we are successful, Cooperativ will become the default place for people to form, govern, and finance businesses. By abstracting legal procedures relating to incorporation, governance, and investment into a unified experience built on open protocols, we can make it possible for anyone with a computer to form organizations with a wide range of structures, stakeholders, and funding sources. Our customers will start organizations across national borders, form worker-owned cooperatives, and share corporations with stakeholders. They will raise funding from their customers, issue share tokens into exchanges, put digital assets up as collateral, stream payments to lenders, and resolve disputes with partners all within our platform.

It's a creator-economy experience for businesses at corporate scale.

Current Investment

We are currently raising our pre-seed round on a SAFE. Our goal is to develop a beta version of our platform for forming organizations and paying contributors.

Our Backers

Law Firm

Troutman Pepper SEED program



Jacob Chase-Lubitz


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15k USD + of Personal Investment
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